Spring Breaks for the Old Folks: (I.G.S.)

Inter Generational Spirituality


Sculpture at North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre, Errington B.C.


Videography by Deanne

The Undertaker’s Granddaughter

 Spirituality (i.e. “love) is where you find it, don’t be blind, it’s all around you everywhere” (Nacio Brown, Herb Brent 1947). Yearning to transcend the mundane, to connect to concepts that lay outside our human capacities, we seek and find forces to explain the inexplicable, or we plug temporarily the gaps in our understanding of the phenomena that still remain beyond our human comprehension.

Special places bring into our consciousness, a presence beyond the reach of our physical senses, a presence where state of mind interacts with ecology to create ‘ambiance’ and suggest the preternatural. Mountains, elevated spots, deserts and forests are more likely to inspire (inspire: “to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence”) the receptive mind to discover the spiritual ‘sweet spots’ which lay hidden in plain sight in our geography. It does not seem simply a happy coincidence of language that Cathedral Grove was given its name. Notwithstanding the traffic on Highway 4, Cathedral Grove exudes reverence, antiquity and majesty and the approach through second growth forests with trees of modest size into sudden old growth giants, gives the impression that the traveler has been taken by some time machine into a Jurassic era where flora and fauna are magnified beyond currently recognizable proportions. Cathedral Grove brings the potential spiritual experience of transcendence by shock at the sudden appearance of an anomalous flora and by awe at the presence of internal feelings where the traveler attempts to process and reconcile the newly encountered state of reality and of mind with the accustomed reality and state of mind.

Rainforest, Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island

Flora and fauna take us into a less prosaic, more powerful communion with forces of the universe and with each other. Cathedral Grove in the rain forest contributes a subtle, unspoken reverence to our agenda. Over time in our annual Spring Break, we have ceased to be tourists in these magical places. Every year we become Hansels and Gretels, wandering in an enchanted forest among the stately old giants.


Play as Communion

 Spirituality “is where you find it, don’t be blind, it’s all around you everywhere” For some, a good bottle of wine is sufficient to fill the void of things unknown. For some that bottle of wine must be shared and accompanied by things comestible. A bag of chips and chicken wings must accompany the Super Bowl or the fast approaching NBA playoffs. In the secular, material world of today, that shared behavior of viewing an event in the company of others along with comestibles, can pass for communion. In our retreat for Spring Break we find our spirituality in those moments. Just ask our youngest grandson, the K-man, if you think that that is not true. Communion, in fact, can move the mundane to a higher level, boosting the ordinary and imbuing the mundane with spiritual characteristics.


Gallery of Video




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