Spring Breaks for the Old Folks:(I.G.R.)

Inter Generational Retreat

Craig Bay Nanoose, B.C. Home of Pacific Shores


                          Videography by Deanne

Oceanside, that area of central coast of Eastern Vancouver Island including Nanoose, Parksville  and Qualicum Beach, reserves a favoured place deep in our collective soul. For a decade, through a legacy gift from Gloria Girvan Akin, a small group of her successors have had the delight to expand their spiritual horizons.

Here we live and breathe the illusions of the privileged few who, by undeserved good fortune are sheltered from the global scourges of violence, hunger and privation and the machinations of geopolitics.

With the gift that Gloria left us we purchased the use of a local time share. Despite the well deserved knocks on time shares in general, this particular arrangement worked exceptionally well for us, until the local ownership decided to go big time, got caught up in inflated expectations and the recession of 2007 and through a series af maneuvers, the local company morphed into an American enterprise, physically and idealogically remote from its starting point. We moved, somewhat reluctantly recently to leave our time share after Spring Break of 2017 to explore options outside of the Oceanside region.

Spring Break for the Old Folks and its agendas and itineraries have been made possible by its location. Our annual spring retreats have taken place over a life altering decade in a geography where memories were created and deposited in the psyche where memories become spiritual and are stored.


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