Christmas Jamboree: December 27th 2016



Christmas Jamboree: 2016


To celebrate a family event featuring

A Jamaican menu and three

News stories of 2016,

We invited Lord

Intruder to

Keep us  smiling

Through the uncertainties

Of the coming year on our fragile, fractious Earth.

May peace and love undergird the human family in 2017.


Christmas Jamboree

Video below

It was a Christmas Jamboree, Took place in a Ladysmith locality

Family from Vancouver and de Island, come together for a celebration,

It was the season for Peace on Earth, And for the great expansion of girth

So we’re singin’
Eat de oxtail, and goat curry, Fill yu plate and do not worry
Drink yu sorrel but let’s not quarrel
At our Christmas jamboree.
Well Uncle Sam gave us a shock, Selecting a Donald to lead de flock
President Elect going to drain de swamp, But on his mouth they should have put a clamp
If we had to choose without de Russian luck, De Donald we’d select is de Disney Duck
But we’re singin’
Oh Canada I do lament, From division and discord we’re not exempt,
Rachel want send Alberta crude, To Pacific Coast in a toothpaste tube
Trudeau says to that we are not averse, But others say de pipeline will be our curse.
And we’re singin’
Toronto Blue Jays break our heart, By telling us from Edwin we have to part
How can Blue Jay fans exist, Without Bradda Edwin on de Blue Jays list?
We go to Cleveland on a Greyhound bus, Get Edwing and him parrot on de bus wid us
So we’re singin’
(reprise verse #1)
It was a Christmas Jamboree, Took place in a Ladysmith locality
Family from Vancouver and de Island. Come together for a celebration,
It was the season for Peace on Earth
And for the great expansion of girth
So we’re singin’
Reworking a 1953 Trinidadian Calypso song from Lord Intruder

See Leighton and Julie, Rich and Dena and the Usual Island Suspects

In Gallery after Video

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Videography by Deanne and Rob


Lord Avmercy and the Miserichordes

Perform Christmas Jamboree in front of a packed house (!?)

In Ladysmith, British Columbia

December 29, 2016

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Post Scriptum:

A Brief Reflection


The above ditty borrows the template of Lord Intruder to celebrate a family get together. Lord Intruder’s calypso tune has stayed present in one of the most cherished recesses of the blogger’s brain. The tune has surfaced periodically over the last 65 years as a kind of refresher of my fantasy as a lad of 14 years old to be a singer.  

The blogger owes a debt of gratitude for his “Jamboree”, to Lord Intruder for the repeated use of his engaging melody to express a measure of joy and provide a gesture of social solidarity on 4 occasions in the last 30 years. On one occasion 25 years ago, his melody was the template to a “Girvan Jamboree” which took place in a ‘Kitchener locality’. Talk about cosmic convergences!: here we had a family reunion of some of the Caribbean descendants of a nineteenth century emigre to Jamaica from Scotland at cousin Lisbeth’s Kitchener (Ontario, Canada) family home. Lord Kitchener, decorated British Military hero had given his name to Lord Kitchener (Kitch) the most famous Trinidadian calypsonian of the 1940s through the 1970s. We had in our midst 25 years ago, our cherished Norman, diplomat, statesman and tireless lifelong promoter of Caribbean integration. At that party, Norman was an enthusiastic participant in writing the lyrics to our rendition of “Girvan Jamboree”. Norman and his family would later take up residence in Trinidad and Tobago. Norman was, of course the “Caribbean Man”,  an ideal towards which, in my recollection, the region has aspired since at least the 1950s when Lord Intruder and the other Trinidadian “Lords” put calypso on the world music stage.

Words for the 2016 Christmas Jamboree were provided by the Jamaican born blogger who was smitten by the Trinidadian “Lords”  of the 1950s,  Lord Kitchener, Lord Woodbine, Lord Beginner, Lord Invader and the aforementioned Lord Intruder. The blogger harboured a secret desire to be Trinidadian and to express joie de vivre as it is expressed at Carnival in Port of Spain. For this performance the blogger ducked into a wall closet, removed his calypso shirt from its hanger, dusted off the cobwebs and was instantaneously transformed as Lord Avmercy into the Trinidadian calypsonian fraternity. He was aided enthusiastically by the Miserichordes, a motley collection of people whom he loves.


A shout out to our favourite purveyor of food from the Caribbean to the 

Caribbean Village Cafe/Restaurant

On Quadra St, Victoria.

Your patties are




Click on pan to magnify

3 thoughts on “Christmas Jamboree: December 27th 2016

  1. Whoever the children are of this handsome, talented, funny and extremely strange man, they must be proud! Lord Avmercy indeed…
    Keyree Eh Allison

  2. Lisbeth says:
    January 7, 2017 at 8:36 pm | Edit
    It is not too late my cousin…You are fabulous. Lyrics are perfect in the calypso tradition. Perhaps some of us were Trinidadians before moving on to our rock. That might explain why I have often been mistaken for being from that island, long before I followed karma and learnt pan. I held the desire in check to explore pan, our true Caribbean musical instrument, until our sons no longer needed vigilance. Pan embodies the freedom to express joy!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your continuing talents and family joy.
    May the sunrises and sunsets of calender year 2017 bring all the Grace each family member needs to have peace of soul. Love always, lisbeth

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