Christmas 2016: Friends, An Underestimated Resource


Here's to you



May sentiments of goodwill, generosity and benevolence this season

Wash away the crude, discordant discourse,

The malice and the brutality

So prevalent in so many

Parts of our



Best Wishes

For a Joyous Christmas

And a Healthy and Fulfilling New Year


For the late Laurentians

Untitled 2


Bill, Eleanor and Johnny with Deanne and Garry at Pheasant Lake, July 1980

Bill, Eleanor and Johnny with Deanne and Garry at Pheasant Lake, July 1980


One thought on “Christmas 2016: Friends, An Underestimated Resource

  1. Comment from Dave about the last photo of the post, group photo with Hanna and a young man, Eleanore and Johnny Richardson, Bill Warne, Garry and Deanne beside a brown body of water, the alleged “Pheasant Lake”:

    Wow! I never saw this pic before. It was right after they had found my cabin project up on McLennan Lake in far northern Saskatchewan – 400 miles north of Saskatoon. Bill had carved B & D – 1980 on my bottom sill log. I’ll send you a pic they took of him just finishing the chiseling .

    Who’s the girl w the white hat and the fine looking guy w/the black hat?

    That must have been your “trout pond”, but it looks kind of muddy!

    Reply: Dave, It was indeed the trout pond and it was indeed muddy. But look deeper than the surface, my friend. That was the first year of its operation and it took that whole summer to settle. Thereafter it had a base of organisms which established each its own niche to become a functioning ecological system. Periodically the equilibrium was interrupted to produce an algae bloom when the sun and the nitrogen of the fish droppings created too rich a growth. At the time of the photo there were 3,000 rainbow trout in the pond. What fun it was! In the fullness of time the muddy pond became “Pheasant Lake” see the story and pictures at Pheasant Lake had a brief moment of glory, as we all do, then it flamed out and died in an expression of entropy and impermanence. Evidence of its beauty and its fragility now seems like an hallucination or a blessed mirage: a cautionary tale for humanity and the impact of hubris on its deeds!

    To answer the other question about the other 2 characters in the photo. The young woman was the daughter of one of my then students at the college. The young man was her escort on that particular day. His name escapes me now. The only detail that I recall of the man was that he was an African who was studying at the college.
    Regards Garry

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