Digital Footprint of the Tribe



Batik: Woman and Man Harvesting: Anonymous African Ancestors: See post scriptum below.

Batik: Woman and Man Harvesting


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Over 40 countries are represented in the statistics for the period between Feb. 2012 and October 2015, although some of those views are from “accidental strays” just surfing the net. Not unexpectedly the majority of views were from countries where there is a known population of residents related to us.

Over the last 3 years what became increasingly evident was the fact that visitors have bookmarked posts which speak of their loved ones and visit those post periodically to stay “in touch” so to speak with the person that the post represents. This has been observed especially of the post for my mother, Ena Henry, Dudley Girvan (today there were 10 views to his post from the United Kingdom) and  Beryl Crosbie Girvan (see links above, top 3 posts).

Thanks to Louis, Trevor, June, Lisbeth, David, Aaron from the Girvan, Crosbie, Cooke/Haddad, Dewdney clans of the tribe and to Michelle, Renee, Michael Blanshard, and Graham from the Henry/Williams clans for their contributions to the Genealogy File.

The blogger has spent close to 6 rewarding years playing on a medium, the computer,  for which, at the outset, he had little affinity. The blogger thanks his mentor on whom he relied extensively the first couple of years. Now more than a family member and a friend, the mentor was the technical expert who underwrote the project and gave ongoing support until the blogger found his creative chops and was able to stand on his own two wobbly legs.

This site will remain active indefinitely with infrequent posts on subjects which may be of less general interest. Alerts will no longer be issued for new posts. 

Peace and Love to You All!


Post Scriptum: The Batik of the woman and man harvesting above, although a somewhat clumsy, gratuitous and potentially patronizing attempt to state the obvious, is a necessary symbolic acknowledgement of the richness of our genetic heritage. Genealogical research has confirmed with some precision the particular European parts of our heritage, but the African parts remain locked into the brutally cruel anonymity of the slave trade. Unfortunately empty symbolic gestures must suffice.




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