Celebrating Thanksgiving 2015: Reflections


Reflections on the good

Fortune of being alive in this time

In this place among these people



Sun Rise Over the Salish Sea, Pacific Ocean Ladysmith, B.C. October 2015


Click on photo to enlarge

Photography by Deanne: Click on photo to enlarge:

We acknowledge this Thanksgiving as we did in past years

  • The beauty warmth and duration of summer 2015
  • The quality and abundance of the home grown produce
  • The beauty and expanse of our nation
  • The liquid, blue-green transparencies of ocean, river and lake and the soaring, white and grey majesty of mountain; features which dominate our Province
  • Vancouver Island, our small, sometimes rainy, always beautiful paradise.
  • Family and friends, that important vitamin F, an elixir which is absolutely essential for human life
  • Continuing motivation and the continued ability to work at something even at a time of age-ordered physical decline
  • Intellectual social and spiritual growth especially at an advanced age
  • Gentle people in our world who inoculate us against cynicism and despair
  • Grandchildren who inspire the future




Sun Rise Over the Salish Sea, Pacific Ocean



Sun Rise Over the Salish Sea, Pacific Ocean


Reflections on

The good fortune

Of being alive in this place

Among these wonderful people


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Thanksgiving 2015: Reflections

  1. Inspiring the depths of appreciation of beauty, I thank you for these incredible reminders of the good fortune to have eyes to absorb the magnificence you present in all the photographs.

    I give Thanks for belonging on my earth journey to family whose bonds are threads of energy, unifying the soul.

    Thank you. lisbeth

  2. Lisbeth,
    Thanks for your reply. You are always so encouraging! Part of the rewards for doing this blog is staying in contact with my peeps. Although the extended family is geographically dispersed, it still lives, even if only in cyberspace!

    Love, Garry

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