Blogovus: Milestones: Anita Elise Girvan, Two Ceremonies to Remember

Happy Canada Day!


 You are


 From Japan to Victoria, B.C. 

Ceremonies to 



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A Special Woman, Valued by Many

For her Many Special



At the end of the twentieth century a wedding, unique in the annals of the history of our family collectivity took place in a region of Japan which 12 years later would witness devastation of epic proportions in March 2011 when the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami levelled many coastal communities.  The communities of Shizugawa, later to become Minamisanriku, and Kesennuma, where Anita and Rob lived for 3 years and taught English, were among the centres most impacted by the tsunami.

Between 1996 and 1999 the people in those communities embraced our two ambassadors and were extraordinarily generous in their support. Their hospitality was extended to Anita’s parents when they visited in 1999. The warmth of their hospitality still nourishes our souls nearly two decades later. Evidence of their generosity appears in the “show” wedding in the gallery below. This elaborate and beautiful charade was a gift to Anita and Rob by an international club in the local community to surprise her parents who had not witnessed her hastily arranged civil marriage ceremony in Ottawa prior to Anita and Rob’s departure for employment in Japan. 

The latest turn of Anita’s life took place June 10, 2015 when she earned her PhD from the University of Victoria. In August 2015  she begins teaching at Bucknell University in Lewisburg Pennsylvania. What a Chick!



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Nearly Twenty Years Ago: When We Were Japanese!

A Gallery of Anita and Rob in Japan

With   a Few Assorted



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