Blogovus: Extended Family: Mount Dew, Monument to Vision, Hard Work and Tenacity


 Coat of Arms of Jamaica

Coat of Arms of Jamaica


Mount Dew, Three Visits

1983, 1988, 2008


Harkistonel, Canoe Valley, Ireland, Oxford Pen, Tanarchy, Four Paths, Ebony Grove, North Hall, Fairview (names of properties held by our nineteenth and twentieth century ancestors in Jamaica): Our ancestors honoured the land that nurtured the family by giving a name to the place. In effect the land became a participant in the life of the people who lived on it. Humans and land shared a destiny. Success of one of those two participants, humans and land, depended on the other and over time the image of each of the participants was reflected in the other. With the passage of time, through deepening relationships the land became hallowed ground.

We the extended family, feel the warm glow of vicarious pride from the diligence of our rural ancestors as they carved a niche for their families under dynamic, volatile, social, political and environmental circumstances. To the nineteenth century planters and entrepreneurs in rural Jamaica, Bravo!

Mount Dew stands at the very top of that list of properties which has nurtured our extended family. Production is its main function. Tens of thousands of chickens, many pigs and a great variety of orchard trees make a huge impact on the area. The beauty and productivity of the place is the testimony of and the reward for the vision, the hard work, the perseverance, the resourcefulness and entrepreneurial initiatives of the most illustrious of our agrarian ancestors, ‘Docta D’, Trevor Dewdney! He took our agrarian roots to another level, didn’t he?. See for yourself below.



A Gallery Showing Evidence of

The Results of Vision,

Hard Work and



Mount Dew Enchantment

1983, 1988, 2008

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