Blogovus: Extended Family: Recognizing Cousins Scattered Across the Globe


 Coat of Arms of Jamaica

Caot of Arms of Jamaica


Cousins Far and Near

Old and Young


Cousins are a rich and underutilized reservoir of mentorship for young people. In the old geographically centralized extended family, older cousins frequently sheltered the younger from outside peer group threats. In geographically scattered nuclear units, cousins have a mystique about them. With infrequent contacts there will be a fresher and relatively more anticipated quality to encounters with cousins, unlike the routinized, frequently abrasive but normal sibling bickering. The pool of cousins inspire the next generations with diverse abilities, skills and professions. We  have among us:

  • Engineers (Scottish, Australian, Canadian branches of the family tree)
  • Architects (Canadian and Jamaican branches)
  • Medical Doctors (Panamanian, Jamaican and Canadian branches of the family tree)
  • Actors and Performers (Canadian and Jamaican branches)
  • Artists (Jamaico-Trinidadian, Australian branches)
  • Teachers (Jamaican, Australian and Canadian branches)
  • Lawyers (Canadian branch)
  • Farmers, Planters (Jamaican and Canadian branches)
  • Entrepreneurs (Jamaican branch)
  • Community leaders (Jamaican and Canadian branches)
  • Law Enforcement and Military Officers (Jamaican and Canadian branches)
  • Two Internationally admired figures
  • One Professional Athlete
  • Politicians
  • And even when we are ordinary we are extraordinary


Gallery of More Fabulous Cousins


The Extended Family



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