Blogovus: Documents from the Papers of John Thom McKInley Girvan


Family Crest from South Ayrshire, Scotland

  The Papers of John Thom McKinley



Girvans in South Ayrshire who predate

Thomas John and William, immigrants to Jamaica






The references on these 8 pages left in John’s papers seem to be taken from registers in the region of South Ayrshire, probably from Maybole, an administrative centre for South Ayrshire, Scotland. References of individual Girvans in these papers containing entries from South Ayrshire, date from 1541 to 1793. Thomas Girvan, the eldest of the 3 Girvan brothers in our extended family who came to Jamaica, was born in 1796.

Click on papers to magnify, then click again for close up shot

IMG_20150225_0001 IMG_20150225_0002 IMG_20150225_0003 IMG_20150225_0004








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