Carnival 2015 in Port of Spain 2: Feb 16 and 17




Old Dancer


Garry G


Old Dancer



Elegant, durable

Ancient but unbowed,

Slight and rigid, Your actions, though frugal,

Present a generous statement of your love of the dance.

How many more times will you feel the life force?

How many more times will you dance

Your defiance of time?

Of age?

Of decay?

Of death?



Annually since 2005, I revisit the Port of Spain of my mind as an exercise to fend off the unwelcome age related cynicism and calcification of the mind-set. It was there, in Port of Spain late in my life that I felt my mind open without judgement to the vibrant, corrupting, dynamic, sensual, pulsating, life-affirming, beautifully decadent splendour of Carnival.

Considering novelty with the mind open is generally salubrious for the elderly. Stripping away the detritus of ideas fashionable within the cultures of one’s earlier lives can sometimes lead to gifts of deeper understanding of the human condition and more profound insights as the brain integrates recent events with the networks of older patterns which it has generated over a lifetime.

I returned to Carnival in Port of Spain in 2009 to confirm that the inoculation that I had received in 2005 to combat prejudice and prejudgement had taken root. It had.

The enthusiasm of  Norman Caribbean and its contagious quality was the catalyst which led to the late life transformation of this child of the West Indian diaspora. We regret his physical absence from Carnival 2015. His enthusiasm, however, still permeates all the venues in Port of Spain.


Gallery of Carnivals Past



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