Carnival 2015 In Port of Spain 1: Feb 16 and 17




Don’t cry because it’s over

Smile because it happened


Dr. Seuss


Norman Caribbean, luminous emissary, we learned from you how to find the collective soul of a community and be lovingly immersed in its warm embrace.


A Song from Haiti chosen specifically for Uncle Norman from ‘Fishing by the Light of the Ancestors’

By Allison.




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Norman Late at Night


In the Panyard

Dark brown chocolate hands,

Aged rum,

Deep night,

 Corrupt cigar tobacco:

I surrender my heart for a while to a rich, mellow consensus

Of the collective soul.

I inhale the synergies of  harmonies and the riddim

Of a hundred hearts, two hundred hands.

I imbibe deeply the subtle liquid velvet of molten metal

Rendered palatable

By resistance and steeped in history,

And in the end I learn that

Joy is a well that springs from modest beginnings,

Is honed and refined through enthusiasm, commitment and effort,

And flows abundantly among the people.

Heaven is in the modest Panyard,

In the ghetto

Late at


Garry 2015


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R I P Our Luminous Emissary, Norman Caribbean, June 1941-April 2014

Luminous Emissary, Norman Caribbean Girvan June 1942-April 2014


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In Victoria, BC, 2013


In Victoria, BC, 2013


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