Here’s to Life… A Christmas Card to the Laurentians


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Here’s to life and every joy it brings,

Here’s to life, to dreamers and their dreams,

May all your storms be weathered,

And all that’s good get better,

Here’s to life,

Here’s to love,

Here’s to you.

(Artie Butler and Phyllis Molinary)


Nearly 60 Years of Friendship


The Laurentians at the Genosha Hotel, 1961, Click on photo to enlarge


December 14, 2014

Best of the Season to old friends Gord and Joy, Jerry and Judy, Dave and Nancy,
Eleanor and Johnny.

Joy and Gord, thanks for including us in your Vancouver Island itinerary in November


We wish you warmth and more.

Pour yourselves a glass of dark smokey red wine,

Listen below with intent, to the many shades of mellow,

The burnished tones, the muted gleam

Of half forgotten dreams and

Half remembered delights,

Life’s afterglow.


(Shirley Horn and the Boston Pops, Here’s to Life)

(Use headphones if you have them since the volume is low but if you have none it is still worth the effort)

Love, Deanne and Garry


Here's to you


2 thoughts on “Here’s to Life… A Christmas Card to the Laurentians

  1. Ah! thanks for sharing your relational richness this holiday season. Shirley Horn’s song speaks of the connectivity. Moving!

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