Fishing by the Light of the Ancestors: CD Now Available


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Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 12.14.32 PM


Not since Nana Mouskouri has anyone had the chutzpah to undertake such a difficult project! The project? To bridge linguistic gaps, and using music as lingua franca, to transmit the emotional essence and beauty of 9 languages in the short space of a CD. The results that this CD achieves speak for themselves.

You will be impressed by the sensual touch of the musicians, by the acoustic integrity and the production values on the CD as well as by the voice that underlies the project.

The judgement above is from a totally disinterested observer and music aficionado at the The Guggington Post.

For demos of the songs on the CD go to the link below


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Bushman's break, Stellako River

Stellako River, BC, 1973


Girvan Crest


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