The Glory of Cielomar: A Summer Party in Ladysmith


The Beautiful Dawn of a New Day:Sunrise Over the Salish Sea from Walker Ave. Site of Anna's Former Home in Ladysmith B.C.

The Beautiful Dawn of a New Day:Sunrise Over the Salish Sea from Cielomar (Click on image to enlarge)

Sunrise over the Salish Sea, view from living room

Sunrise over the Salish Sea: View from living room at Cielomar. (Click on image to enlarge)


Fiftieth Anniversary Party

August 2014

The Glory of Cielomar: A Micro-novel


A cheezy, tongue-in-cheeky set up for the photo gallery below

With a view to marketing the property next year.

Do not miss the video performances

Of Gabriel,  and his grandfather

After the Gallery of photos.


Allison has a CD

In the making for

The near future.

What a lovely

Christmas gift

It would make!



Cielomar: Over the Salish Sea (Click on image to enlarge)


Cielomar: Over the Salish Sea (Click on image to enlarge)


The Glory of Cielomar: A Micro-novel

Chapter 1

“Cielomar, she said to him, “where we met, where we laughed, where we loved!”

Yes” he said bitterly, “but that was all before that damn war relieved me of my manhood and took away my pride.

 1964 in OttawaIMG_20140810_0008


 Cielomar: The Glory

The benevolent warmth and golden glow of a late August sun clung lovingly to the regions of Cielomar.

Cielomarians assembled waiting for the call to seat themselves in the Great Hall in front of the Cielomarian Hokey Wall of Shame where the images of the Tribe were displayed.

Joyous and appreciative, the participants consumed with much enthusiasm, the banquet, prepared and delivered by Big Apple Catering of Nanaimo.

Highlights of the 3 day fete: Glen’s clever, improvised patio BBQ where his culinary prowess was punctuated with an equally clever improvised stand-up comic side show: Damian’s unsolicited and appreciated kitchen help: creative energy from the table of the youngest of three generations, and the great job of the clean-up crew at Cielomar and at Pacific Shores and Gabriel and Allison’s rendition of The Prayer.

Thanks to all the Cielomarian family who helped us celebrate our very modest achievement;  especially to those who made the trip from Victoria, from Onoway, Alberta , from Nelson and from Ottawa. It was the event of the half-century for a couple of happy people.


Chapter 2

The evening breeze still warm, lifted seductively the slender, waving branches of the grapevine draped over the overhanging carport roof as the last guests left.

“The party’s over,” she sang softly to herself.”It’s time to call it a day. They’ve burst your pretty balloon and taken the moon away.”

“Tomorrow,” she thought, “Ferguson Missouri, Syria, ISIl, Gaza, Ukraine and Ebola will bring a halt to the once upon an August time at Cielomar.”

“Dammit to hell,” she muttered. “Pour me another glass of Uncle Claude Blanchette’s tonic of forgetfulness.”


Gallery of photos

Cielomar: The Glory

Click on a photo to start Carousel


(Gabriel and Guggy)

(Gabriel and Guggy)

(Gabriel and Allison!!!)


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