Here’s to Life, Here’s to Love, Here’s to…You…

Dedicated to David Thom Dewdney

The Missing Link

Here's to you





Ties that

Bind the Smiles:

The Smiles they left Behind:



Here's to you



Here’s to life and every joy it brings,

Here’s to life, to dreamers and their dreams,

May all your storms be weathered,

And all that’s good get better,

Here’s to life,

Here’s to love,

Here’s to you.


(Artie Butler and Phyllis Molinary)_


Untitled 2


In the trajectory of our current lives, with the distances that separate us, and bearing in mind the fragility of life and the delicate nature of cognition and of consciousness, what are the chances that in some far-off future we will remember your face, recognize your walk, feel your warmth?

Given all of that, we thought that we would pull you to our little corner of cyberspace to be a part of our Cyber Collective. The template for family get-togethers was developed long ago in the mid-nineteen forties if I recall correctly, with the family picnics at Molynes Rd. Kingston, Jamaica around New Year’s Day. It was successfully reintroduced in 2008 with the celebration in Jamaica of Norman’s distinguished carreer. Hope you don’t mind being spiritually transported to the backyard for a short time with us.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Healthy and Tranquil 2014

Abundant Love, Deanne and Garry





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