The Genealogy File: Matters of Perspective: Part 2



Girvan Crest


International Hopscotch

A Wee Bit o’ Levity 

  •  The notorious parsimony of the penny pinching Scot in matters of money is to be contrasted to the evidence of unstinting generosity in the distribution of fertile sperm in his wake: witness the many and varied hues of Scots in our family around the globe. ‘Be fruitful and multiply’ must have been the mantra that inspired our forebears and they carried out the mission to multiply with all the fanatic enthusiasm of the zealot. They were also, by all the evidence that we have, mercifully inclusive in the distribution of sperm and egg, for which quality Archie, the Aboriginal Girvan*(note below) and I , one of the Caribbean  Girvans, and all our hybrid progeny are eternally grateful, or if not eternally, which seems a wee bit presumptuous, maybe at least we are temporarily grateful.


  • Family research and connections made through digital technology has confirmed that the Kennedy tartan which covered the loins of our ancestors from Scotland, also covers a major part of the globe: our genealogical connections extend from Europe to North and Central America, the Caribbean, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand: International hopscotch to be sure!
Kennedy Tartan with Badge

Kennedy Tartan with Badge

* For Archie’s story see The Genealogy File-What’s in a Name? in Archives

Post Scriptum- A note to humanity:

You’ve come a long way Baby, but Baby, you’ve still got a long, long way to go!
November 2013 !, Morris Manitoba, Canada
  • A Black Jamaican woman, ambitious enough to exercise her entrepreneurial initiative, opened a restaurant in this small town and will close the establishment next month because the town was less than welcoming.  Business has dried up and she has received thinly veiled threats about a cell of the KKK in nearby South Dakota. Oh Canada! (see link below)


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