Down Canadian Roads: A Season for Thanksgiving, 2013


Vancouver Island to Prince George, and Quesnel BC

A gift from the North: Painting by James Savage, Quesnel, B.C. More Details to Follow

A Gift from the North: Painting by James Savage, Quesnel, B.C. More Details to Follow

  Dear Hearts and Gentle People


Early October in Canada brings relative freedom from the garden, that vital and necessary umbilical chord that keeps us alive but also keeps us tethered to the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.

To exercise that freedom, this October we made a quick trip to the Mainland of B.C. to revisit some long neglected places and people in the Central Interior of the Province. At this time of the year access to the Interior would soon be risky; traversing the mountain passes where winter comes early would be more difficult.

Despite those reservations we decided to do the 2,000 km. ferry and road round trip from Ladysmith to Prince George. The 5 day tour took us through the Fraser Canyon to Cache Creek where we stayed overnight at the Bear Claw Lodge. A delightfully clear second day had us driving from Kamloops to Mount Robson on B.C. Highway #5 where the mountains and the rivers sparkled under a high blue sky. A late day drive from the Robson Valley took us to Prince George on B.C. Highway 16.

Bitter winds, driving rain and ice pellets accompanied us for 2 days in Prince George but the fellowship was real. We were greeted with the warmth reserved for family and the hospitality reserved for honoured guests. Thank you Allen and Rachel, Earlis and Buzz, Mary and Ervie, Clancy and Jean and Jim and Martha.

The return trip to Vancouver Island from Quesnel,  where we had spent a delightful evening and night  with Jim and Martha, was marked by blessedly warm temperatures and a relaxing ferry trip after the rigours of the circuitous and bumpy Highway #99  south from Cache Creek to Horseshoe Bay, through Lilloet and Pemberton.


Photos from Deanne’s camera, sometimes through the windshield or the sunroof  while we traveled. (Click on photo to start Carousel)


Last year (2012) at Ito’s Thanksgiving meal  Elaine  requested that we direct our thoughts to  facets of our life which we take too easily for granted. We acknowledge this Thanksgiving as we did last year:

  • The beauty and duration of summer 2013
  • The quality and abundance of the home grown produce
  • The elements of the natural order which we call climate
  • The beauty and expanse of our Nation which we saw in all its glory on our visit to Ontario and our rail trip back to the West Coast last October
  • The liquid, blue transparencies of ocean, river and lake and the soaring, white majesty of mountain: features which dominate  our Province
  • Our Country, a Country open to change, glad of some its past, apologetic about some of its past and not bound to the past
  • Vancouver Island, our small, sometimes rainy, always beautiful paradise
  • Family and friends, that important vitamin F, an elixir which is absolutely essential for human life
  • The continued motivation and the continued ability to work at something even at a time of age-ordered physical decline
  • Intellectual social and spiritual growth especially at an advanced age
  • Gentle people in our world who inoculate us against cynicism and despair


Bowl of Ito Kumato

Bowl of Kumato


One thought on “Down Canadian Roads: A Season for Thanksgiving, 2013

  1. Dear Garry and Dianne
    I have just spent the last hour reading the collection of family data that you have so ingeniously and refreshing put together. We are all indebted to you .I will be passing this on to Don and his girls.
    Lots of love

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