Pheasant Lake, Four Seasons: A Photo Gallery

Pheasant Lake: 1980-1990


Pheasant Lake, a pond dug out of the Pineview clay, 25 kilometres south and east of  Prince George, B.C,. emerged from the bush on a forty acre property and had the brief existence of a decade: 1980-1990. An old Allis-Chalmers bulldozer under the guidance of the Bushman carved it into the surrounding bush. The Bushman dragged a structure custom built for pheasants to the edge of the pond and renamed this new feature “Pheasant Lake.” In this primitive dugout, rainbow trout frolicked for ten years, providing recreation and food for family and invited guests.

For a more complete story of Pheasant Lake see “In the Land of the Black Bear” Parts 8, 9, 10 and 11 from the drop down menu under “categories”.


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