Encounter in an Elevator

I have been discharged from my 36 hour stay in Cowichan Regional Hospital. Somewhat shaky from 36 hours without sleep and shaken from surgery I dress myself with a little help from my wife. I walk unsure of myself, conscious of the bag strapped onto my leg with the contents of my bladder being drained through a catheter. I enter the elevator accompanied by my wife. There are five people already in the elevator, all women. I recognize one of the women as a Nurse’s Assistant. She breaks the silence.

“Hey!”, she says looking directly and quite assertively at me, “You look pretty good in clothes!” general laughter from the women in the elevator while I search for something to contribute as my part of the dialogue.

“Good line” I reply.

“I know” she continues nonchalantly, “I use it all the time.”
Apparently in my birthday suit I am no Adonis. I am unmasked, revealed, exposed, my ego has been bruised but it feels good to receive, yet again, another lesson in humility. Besides, I am going home.


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